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Urban hippie holidays in the USA

Woodstock Bethel Woods Carlsbad Yoga Classes Tea bar New York

Yoga: Joseph RENGER via Wikimedia Commons | Combi Van: Marshall Astor via Wikimedia Commons |
 Tea: Vassia Atanassova via Wikimedia Commons

Are you feelin’ groovy? Emotional wellbeing is tied to physical and spiritual health, and being in tune with yourself can be music to your ears. Explore the psychic realm, learn where the tarots say you’re headed, and gain some expert advice on holidays that revamp your body, mind and spirit.

Get on your daisy chain and roll in the grass with a visit to Woodstock, New York—well, the land of Bethel Woods where 40 years ago, over 400,000 people, who don’t remember a lot about the occasion, gathered for a music festival that shook the cultural foundations of the sixties. Fast forward to the end of the noughties and in their place is a museum with multimedia displays, artefacts and audio personal stories that relive those heady days. Cruise back to Brooklyn and chill out at Nu Hotel, with its eco-friendly rooms like the urban suite with a swaying hammock.

Discover the powers of your mind and harness healthy thoughts at the Mind Body Spirit Expo in Valley Forge Philadelphia, running October 23-25, 2009. You can float around the 150 exhibitors, 65 lectures, and great workshops with renowned authors and specialists. Check out Dr Dossey and his theory of the nonlocal mind, and how we can cultivate premonitions. And at the end of the day there’s no need to stress out in traffic. Just wander over to the convention centre’s Valley Forge Scanticon hotel with its well-equipped health and fitness centre.

While in possibly the most stressful job on the planet (apart from being a mum), what did Bill Clinton do to keep his mind at peace? No, not what you’re thinking! He actually read the sage words of bestselling author Deepak Chopra. You can go one better with a visit to The Chopra Center in Carlsbad California, which runs classes in Yoga, Ayurvedic Cooking and Primordial Sound Meditation. What’s that all mean? In simple terms, you recite a mantra created just for you to block out the noise of the world. Then after a dash of laughing meditation to liven your spirit, tune up your body at the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort Spa where you can also satiate all kinds of cravings at the Twenty/20 Grill & Wine Bar, where they serve organic, freshly grown produce… and mighty fine cocktails.

There’s no such thing as card games when it comes to Tarot reading. This centuries-old practice is used by experts around the world to predict a person’s future and guide them with decisions. You can learn how it all works at the Tarot School in New York City, who also offer private parties if you just want a reading. And if you are looking to spoil yourself, we predict you’ll find the W Hotel New York irresistable with its Anti-Oxidant Tea Bar and 10,000 square foot health club complete with spin classes, Pilates, yoga, and personal training programs.

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