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Trippin’ Euro Trips

Tarot Cards, Milan Hippy Markets, Ibiza Stonehenge, England

Don’t know if you’re blue? Maybe you’re too tense to tune into your body and mind. Then you need a getaway of goodness, full of alternative therapies and other worldly treatments. Deal a deck of Tarot, gaze into a star chart and make your present day as good as the future.

Can’t find a flux capacitor? You don’t need a time machine when you can go to a psychic fair in Glasgow, at the Psychic and Healing Festival from 29-30 August. Under one roof are all kinds of new age novelties to try and buy. Find out some dishy details about your future from a psychic reading, or pick out some crystals to realign your body’s chakras. Pretend to be a maiden from the time of Arthur or Merlin the magician at the De Vere Cameron House on the shores of Loch Lomond, which has yoga classes and restaurants that stock the freshest of local ingredients — a true treat for body and mind.

If you’re feeling heavy, you may need to get stoned — but legally of course! Get grounded as part of a tour that visits the mystical site of Stonehenge, near London. See the incredible World Heritage site that attracts neo-Pagans and neo-Druids as they seek to worship the 5000-year-old stone structure. Also included in the day of history is a stroll around Windsor Castle and the Georgian architecture with a stop-off at the Roman baths of Bath to see how tourists of yesteryear would cure their aches and pains. Caring about your place on earth comes to your tastebuds at the Sherlock’s Grill restaurant in the Sherlock Holmes hotel, which prepares dishes using organic food and seasonal ingredients.

The cards never lie, even if you die. Yes, the Death card of Tarot is not as bad as it sounds — it can mean conclusion and change. Find out about this and the other 77 cards by using the Hop on Hop Off bus tour to trip around Milan. Visit shops like the workshop of the renowned tarot artist Osvaldo Menegazzi’s Il Meneghello Tarocchi, which contains posters of uncut card decks, watercolours and silkscreens, as well as the mysterious and intricate shadow boxes. To delve deeper into the past, a visit to nearby Bergamot has the original deck of Visconti tarot cards dating back to around 1450. With your mind intrigued by the wonders of Tarot, unwind your body at The Four Seasons spa services, which includes different types of massage such as Ayurvedic massage, which detoxifies through stimulating and balancing the chakras, the major centres of energy and spiritual power in the body.

Chill out dude, it’s totally laid back on the island of Ibiza. For over 3000 years travelers have found excitement in the spiritual atmosphere that today has a hippy attitude, with events such as drumming and music on the beach at sunset. When the day dawns, go for an exploration to the south west tip of Ibiza to see the mysterious Es Vedra island, which is said to lie on a strong line of energy. After feeling the vibe — or at least seeing the scenery — shuffle off to one of the local new age markets, such as the Punta Arabi Es Cana Markets on Wednesdays and the Las Dalias San Carlos on Saturdays. Browse through the handmade clothes and jewellery, and pick out a Hippy ensemble for lounging by the pool of the Casa Naya hotel, before taking advantage of some hydrotherapy or reiki therapeutic treatments to get you in the mood again for another evening of fun.

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