Travelling Australia: Things to Tick Before a Road Trip


With cheap airfares and regular flights, it might seem silly to resort to any other kind of transportation when travelling in Australia. But we’ve never met anyone who disliked taking a “roadie” or road trip around the country.

In fact, you’re hard pressed to find a better way to explore Australia’s beauty. Whether it’s cruising the highways, kicking up sand in the desert or hugging the coastline, a road trip offers freedom and independence.

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Plan Your Route Carefully

We hate to state the obvious, but it’s best to map our your route before starting the journey. Hitting the road without a plan may seem romantic and enticing, but it can result in unexpected hassles that cut into your holiday time. Know that Australia is a vast country and, depending on where and how far you’re travelling, the distance between places can be hours. So, make a plan, it will be your saviour when you’re down to your last cheese sandwich and an almost-empty tank of petrol. And for goodness sake, don’t rely solely on your phone and Google maps. If there’s no internet in the area you’re travelling through, you’re screwed. Buy an actual road atlas or map  – you know, the old skool paper type!

Be Prepared for the Climate and Weather

If you’ve planned your route wisely, you’ll avoid travelling to certain areas of Australia at certain times. For example, it’s risky travelling through the Far North and Top End during wet season, the period from November (sometimes October) to March. Remote communities and even some major towns in Queensland and Northern Territory become isolated during these months because of excessive rains and flooding. So, plan your route according to the season and always check the forecast before departing.

Work out a Schedule

After planning your route, get down to planning a schedule of your trip. Be sure to include notes on the places of interest or amazing restaurants you want to visit on the way, so you can factor sightseeing and leisurely eating into your timetable. For short drives you can be fairly flexible, but it’s still worth checking out the best towns or areas to stop, refreshment options, petrol stations etc. In case of a long drive, it’s important to fix where you will have meals and book accommodation before you arrive. A well-planned schedule will make the trip smoother and prevent any frantic searching for open restaurants and available hotels.

Pack the Essentials

After planning the route and schedule, it’s time to get packing. Road trips should be free of the burden of extra baggage. Take only the essentials – money, maps, drivers licence and other ID, toiletries, medication, phone and travel documents. Add clothes, some light snacks, books or magazines, and music to the list. It would be good to take a few flashlights and a first-aid box to handle any emergencies. If boot space permits, you can have the luxury of taking a couple of extras like blankets and pillows.

Check Your Car

We cannot stress this enough. PLEASE check your car is running smoothly. Are you comfortable in it driving long distances? Check the oil, water in the radiator and windscreen wipers, as well as the condition of your tyres. And don’t forget the spare! You’ll also need tools for small repairs or changing a flat.

Whether taking a coastal drive or roaming around the busy cities, a “roadie” in Australia is always fun. Just remember to drive on the LEFT! can help find you accommodation anywhere in the country on any budget. Just email us at


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