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Take it easy travelling around Australia with kids

The iconic Bondi Beach SydneyJust the thought of travelling with children can make you reach for a Bex and a good lie down! I admit it’s by default, not choice, that I find myself an Australian family travel specialist.  I have been surrounded by industry experts all my life.  My family operated a travel agency for over 25 years and my partner started the online travel company in 2002. On a personal level, having recently been catapulted into a new travel genre – family travel – I finally understand the oxymoronic nature of travelling with children.  It’s torture and magic all rolled into one.

The benefits of travelling around Australia with kids far outweigh the mid-air meltdowns.  What makes it such an attractive vacation is firstly, the sun, surf and sand.  A healthy dose of Vitamin D, some sand play and a refreshing ocean swim will tire out those little people with large energy reserves.  And there are plenty of beaches in Australia – over 11,000 – to choose from.

Secondly, Australia is spacious.  There are wide open spaces everywhere – plenty in the desert, in the bush, along the coastline, even in the city parks and gardens.

Thirdly, Australia is safe.  Forget the venomous snakes, poisonous spiders, stinging jellyfish and snapping crocodiles.  The chances of having a nasty encounter with these creatures is next to nil if you follow common sense precautions.  What I mean by Australia being “safe” is there’s no need to buy bottled water, no special immunisations or medications required, the people are friendly and smoking is banned in public places.  All of which allows you, as a parent, to breathe easy knowing your precious crew are not in harm’s way.

Australia is a true holiday destination for the whole family, it’s not a chore.  Sure the kids slow you down, but is that really a bad thing when you’re travelling? Take a break from the guide books.  Instead, stop and take in the scenery through your kids’ wide eyes.  They can be amazingly insightful and Australia is the perfect location to be awe-struck.

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