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Urban hippie holidays in the USA

Woodstock Bethel Woods Carlsbad Yoga Classes Tea bar New York

Yoga: Joseph RENGER via Wikimedia Commons | Combi Van: Marshall Astor via Wikimedia Commons |
 Tea: Vassia Atanassova via Wikimedia Commons

Are you feelin’ groovy? Emotional wellbeing is tied to physical and spiritual health, and being in tune with yourself can be music to your ears. Explore the psychic realm, learn where the tarots say you’re headed, and gain some expert advice on holidays that revamp your body, mind and spirit.Read More »Urban hippie holidays in the USA

Trippin’ Euro Trips

Tarot Cards, Milan Hippy Markets, Ibiza Stonehenge, England

Don’t know if you’re blue? Maybe you’re too tense to tune into your body and mind. Then you need a getaway of goodness, full of alternative therapies and other worldly treatments. Deal a deck of Tarot, gaze into a star chart and make your present day as good as the future.Read More »Trippin’ Euro Trips

Work up a sweat – Asian fit’n’fun hotel stays-

Cycling Tour, Tokyo Bukit Kiara Jogging Track, Kuala Lumpur Climbing, Hanoi

Ever heard of cultural cross-training? Probably not, because we just made it up. Two reasons – the world desperately needs more jargon. But more importantly, there just happens to be some exceptionally cool fit’n’fun holiday ideas across Asia. You can cycle for sushi, run for a rendang or even climb for a chilli on our sweaty hotel stays. Check in and check it out…Read More »Work up a sweat – Asian fit’n’fun hotel stays-