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Clucky Kiwi Hens Night Holidays

Central Otago Wine Tour Christchurch Belly Dancing Wellington by Night

Bellydancing: via Wikimedia Commons | 

Kiwis are nocturnal birds, and you can be too on a New Zealand hen’s holiday party before the Big Day. Whether it involves poles, bellies, touring, pampering or clubbing, most of these adventures have three common ingredients – dancing, wine and bubbly – the perfect blend of fun for dainty ladies and daredevilesses alike. Read More »Clucky Kiwi Hens Night Holidays

Crafty little capers across New Zealand

Scrapbooking Workshop, Auckland Craft 2.0, Wellington Native Craft, Rotorua

Scrapbook Kit: Bastet985 via Wikimedia Commons | Quilt: Quiltpatch via Wikimedia Commons

You’ll be in stitches with a visit to craft-central New Zealand. Learn for yourself how to mosaic like a Michelangelo, or buy up on supplies for your next scrapbooking project. Best of all you get to mingle with fellow crafties, swap ideas and buy original pieces to wow the folks back home.Read More »Crafty little capers across New Zealand

New Zealand Holidays to help you lose your winter lard

Duathlon, Palmerston NorthBushwalking, Tauranga

Ahhh winter hibernation. The perfect excuse for curling up on the couch, gourmet gorging and way too many red wines. Unfortunately, by the time Spring pops up, budding love handles and slumbering lungs can make climbing the office stairs, running for the bus and squeezing into our favourite jeans an Olympian effort.  But who needs the gym when there’s a world of heart-pumping holidays out there to re-invigorate your lust for life.Read More »New Zealand Holidays to help you lose your winter lard