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New Zealand holidays for odd couples

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Kerikeri and Crafts Day Tour Holiday Inn City Centre Christchurch P51 Mustang

Spouses and other significant halves can be just as finicky as kids on holiday, especially if you’re more ‘Odd Couple’ than joined at the hip. If you and your other half have completely different ideas about the kinds of activities and entertainment that make a great vacation, take a look at these NZ getaways designed just for you. Read More »New Zealand holidays for odd couples

NZ primordial adventures and luxury digs

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Waitomo Caves near Auckland Mercure Dunedin Antarctic Centre Christchurch

What do primates and humans have in common?  Apart from a love of bananas, space travel and playing drums, we all descended from one ancestor. And according to evolutionist Charles Darwin it wasn’t Adam, Eve or King Kong. In 2009 the scientific world celebrates Darwin’s work. You too can get into the evolutionary groove on a New Zealand holiday that blends wild, raw and primordial adventures with modern luxury digs.Read More »NZ primordial adventures and luxury digs