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Highlights of Vietnam

Most people planning to travel to Vietnam are attracted by images of the country’s natural beauty.  The green rice fields are dotted with the conical hats of the local farmers; there are 3,000 Kilometres of picturesque coastline; the bustling pace of Ho Chi Minh City; the relaxing atmosphere of the Mekong Delta. Read More »Highlights of Vietnam

Work up a sweat – Asian fit’n’fun hotel stays-

Cycling Tour, Tokyo Bukit Kiara Jogging Track, Kuala Lumpur Climbing, Hanoi

Ever heard of cultural cross-training? Probably not, because we just made it up. Two reasons – the world desperately needs more jargon. But more importantly, there just happens to be some exceptionally cool fit’n’fun holiday ideas across Asia. You can cycle for sushi, run for a rendang or even climb for a chilli on our sweaty hotel stays. Check in and check it out…Read More »Work up a sweat – Asian fit’n’fun hotel stays-