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Great Barrier Reef via Tourism Australia

Holiday Hotspot – Great Ways to Experience the Great Barrier Reef

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Great Barrier Reef via Tourism Australia

You know, Miranda Kerr’s not the only Aussie stunner living offshore. With colours, life and warmth, the Great Barrier Reef is our very own Natural Wonder of the World. Stretching over 2000 kilometres along the coast of northern Queensland, there are hundreds of postcard-picture islands dotting the water that teems with marine life. Best yet, close by this living gem are cities and towns with resorts for every budget. And experiences you’ll retell with a glint in your eye. Best time to go? Right now! Tourism operators say August to January is when the reef is at its most delectable.

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Hua Hin – Thailand’s best kept royal secret

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Checklist for a perfect Asian holiday – Exotic experiences…tick. Fun for the kids yet sophisticated enough for adults…tick. Plenty to do and yet perfect for doing sweet nothing…tick!  But where you ask? Well, the Thai Royals like to make a break from the city hustle and bustle and head to the dreamy beach-side resort town of Hua Hin, 200 km from Bangkok.

In the tropical climate (remember what that feels like?) you can saunter around the golf courses, visit the Buddhist temples, devour amazing foods, stroll along white sandy beaches and try things you just don’t see or do at home, such as…

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Dreamy Pacific Island holiday destinations

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Be it a honeymoon, family holiday or relaxing escape for two (or more), there’s something magical about experiencing it on a Pacific Island. Perhaps it’s the swaying palms trees and bleach white beaches, those big, warm welcoming smiles, or simply that, “Why do today what we can do tomorrow?!” attitude that soon takes precedence.

Just imagining it all makes us think, “Who cares why?” The important thing is that those dreamy islands are out there waiting for us. Here are four that we’re smitten with…

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Fiji family resorts and hotels on the main island

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Want to take the kids to Fiji, but don’t fancy all those planes, boats and automobile island transfers? Fortunately, there are some very family-friendly resorts and hotels in and around Nadi and Suva, the cities where direct flights arrive from Australia.

Just think, within half an hour of touching down the kids could be playing with their new best friends..while you’re busy making sure you don’t miss a spot with the sun cream.


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