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Green thumb getaways in NZ

Learn Scything in Taupo Park Tour Auckland Christchurch Garden Tour

Scything: Hollanmatej via Wikimedia Commons

Get down and dirty! You’ll be on your knees getting back to nature with tips for weeding, sowing and growing all things green in New Zealand’s springtime. From visits to botanic gardens to learning new ways to cut grass, there’s a green getaway for all!Read More »Green thumb getaways in NZ

Are you America’s next top model?

Sex and the City Hotspots Tour, New York Outlet Shopping, Las Vegas Makeovers, San Francisco

Catwalks are for pussies (hence all the backstage catfights). But you don’t need to be a runway lollipop to be fashion fabulous when there’s shopping holiday adventures to outfit your entire wardrobe. Experience the perks of being a model with a makeover, check out some chic boutiques and go ga-ga over glam at some iconic USA fashion hotspots.Read More »Are you America’s next top model?

Work up a sweat – Asian fit’n’fun hotel stays-

Cycling Tour, Tokyo Bukit Kiara Jogging Track, Kuala Lumpur Climbing, Hanoi

Ever heard of cultural cross-training? Probably not, because we just made it up. Two reasons – the world desperately needs more jargon. But more importantly, there just happens to be some exceptionally cool fit’n’fun holiday ideas across Asia. You can cycle for sushi, run for a rendang or even climb for a chilli on our sweaty hotel stays. Check in and check it out…Read More »Work up a sweat – Asian fit’n’fun hotel stays-

Malaysia Money Saving Sojourns

It’s tax time again so we know what that means – receipt hunting, number crunching, book balancing, yawn! Tell the accountant to stick this in his calculator: You + Exclusive Hotel Deals = Well-deserved holiday in heavenly, sunny Malaysia. From free breakfasts to free nights to orangutan sized discounts, these specials are guaranteed to put a smile on any bean counter’s dial.   Read More »Malaysia Money Saving Sojourns