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Relaxing Aussie book lover holidays to stop you losing the plot

Stressed out? Lost the plot? Then here’s a novel idea! Wander into the setting of a favourite Australian story, bury yourself in literary wonderland, or learn to spin and tell a yarn of your own without putting your audience into a self-induced coma. Pack the laptop, pens and paper as we check out (and check into) some unique Aussie book lover hotels.Read More »Relaxing Aussie book lover holidays to stop you losing the plot

True Blue Sky High Holidays

Gliding, SydneyTandem Skydiving, PerthJet Flight, Hobart

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… no it’s YOU! No need to be Clark Kent or Wonder Woman to get high on a soaring adventure. Imagine moments of weightlessness, feeling the wind in your hair, floating above the clouds, or the more extreme sensation of g-forces in a jet fighter — it’s holiday time with altitude!Read More »True Blue Sky High Holidays

Headline Holidays for Oz Celeb Spotters

Celebrity Spotting, SydneyCelebrity Spotting, SydneyFashion Secrets tour, Sydney

Bill Clinton: dbking, Flickr via Wikimedia Commons | Kylie Minogue: PrinceCharming via Wikimedia Commons

Flash! As you flick through the photos of Who magazines, do you ever wonder what it’s like to be the one flashing a grin, some skin, a frown or stunned mullet look from those pages? It’s time to feel the spice and sass of fame, without the pesky papparazi or tabloid troubles at one of our celebrity favourite hideaways around Australia.Read More »Headline Holidays for Oz Celeb Spotters