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Green thumb getaways in NZ

Learn Scything in Taupo Park Tour Auckland Christchurch Garden Tour

Scything: Hollanmatej via Wikimedia Commons

Get down and dirty! You’ll be on your knees getting back to nature with tips for weeding, sowing and growing all things green in New Zealand’s springtime. From visits to botanic gardens to learning new ways to cut grass, there’s a green getaway for all!Read More »Green thumb getaways in NZ

USA Villain Vacations

Crime Museum, Washington DC Alcatraz tour, San Francisco Sopranos show, Las Vegas

Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk? Crime fighting Dirty Harry knew his bad guys like the back of his Magnum, and you can too with crime themed capers across the USA. Don’t worry, it’s all perfectly legal — from checking out jails, to being at the scene of the crime – you can learn all about villains on these vacations…Read More »USA Villain Vacations

Bruno inspired Euro-Fash holidays

Undercover Exhibition, London Fashion Tour, Milan Shopping Tour, Paris

According to Austrian male supermodel, Bruno, “Fashion saves more lives than doctors”. So if it’s time your wardrobe was rushed off to ER, maybe it’s time to revamp your clothes, streamline your style and get that international designer look on one of our latest European holiday ideas. Whether you’re Vogue or vague when it comes to fashion, there’s a tres chic trip waiting just for you.Read More »Bruno inspired Euro-Fash holidays

NZ entertainment venues – and 5 hotels within a walk of a good time

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There’s always something going on in New Zealand’s five major cities – be it a show, sporting event, festival or expo. The only part that’s never fun is trying to find a taxi or parking.

You don’t need that stress on a holiday. Here are 5 of the country’s finest entertainment venues and hotels we like within an easy walk of a good time.Read More »NZ entertainment venues – and 5 hotels within a walk of a good time