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Better than fiction — page turning NZ holidays

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If life is a book, then some pages definitely fell out of chapter 2009. That year was two paragraphs at best. But if you love to read then we’ve got some page turning adventures for you!  New Zealand literary holiday gems – in the cities, under the covers and over the mountains – everythng you’d ever want for a happy ending…Read More »Better than fiction — page turning NZ holidays

NZ primordial adventures and luxury digs

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Waitomo Caves near Auckland Mercure Dunedin Antarctic Centre Christchurch

What do primates and humans have in common?  Apart from a love of bananas, space travel and playing drums, we all descended from one ancestor. And according to evolutionist Charles Darwin it wasn’t Adam, Eve or King Kong. In 2009 the scientific world celebrates Darwin’s work. You too can get into the evolutionary groove on a New Zealand holiday that blends wild, raw and primordial adventures with modern luxury digs.Read More »NZ primordial adventures and luxury digs