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New York: 5 must-eat kids dining experiences

Did you know that some New York restaurants now enforce a ‘no kids’ policy? And not just the kind where maitre d’s look down their hairy noses in horror at anyone not old enough to pay the tip. Yep, The Big Apple is a tough place to be a kid!

But for every snooty wowser, there’s a restaurant owner who doesn’t just empathise with family dining needs, but goes out of their way to make kids (and parents) food pit-stops one of the highlights of a New York holiday. Read More »New York: 5 must-eat kids dining experiences

NZ primordial adventures and luxury digs

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Waitomo Caves near Auckland Mercure Dunedin Antarctic Centre Christchurch

What do primates and humans have in common?  Apart from a love of bananas, space travel and playing drums, we all descended from one ancestor. And according to evolutionist Charles Darwin it wasn’t Adam, Eve or King Kong. In 2009 the scientific world celebrates Darwin’s work. You too can get into the evolutionary groove on a New Zealand holiday that blends wild, raw and primordial adventures with modern luxury digs.Read More »NZ primordial adventures and luxury digs