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Clucky Kiwi Hens Night Holidays

Central Otago Wine Tour Christchurch Belly Dancing Wellington by Night

Bellydancing: via Wikimedia Commons | 

Kiwis are nocturnal birds, and you can be too on a New Zealand hen’s holiday party before the Big Day. Whether it involves poles, bellies, touring, pampering or clubbing, most of these adventures have three common ingredients – dancing, wine and bubbly – the perfect blend of fun for dainty ladies and daredevilesses alike. Read More »Clucky Kiwi Hens Night Holidays

Trippin’ Euro Trips

Tarot Cards, Milan Hippy Markets, Ibiza Stonehenge, England

Don’t know if you’re blue? Maybe you’re too tense to tune into your body and mind. Then you need a getaway of goodness, full of alternative therapies and other worldly treatments. Deal a deck of Tarot, gaze into a star chart and make your present day as good as the future.Read More »Trippin’ Euro Trips