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Crafty little capers across New Zealand

Scrapbooking Workshop, Auckland Craft 2.0, Wellington Native Craft, Rotorua

Scrapbook Kit: Bastet985 via Wikimedia Commons | Quilt: Quiltpatch via Wikimedia Commons

You’ll be in stitches with a visit to craft-central New Zealand. Learn for yourself how to mosaic like a Michelangelo, or buy up on supplies for your next scrapbooking project. Best of all you get to mingle with fellow crafties, swap ideas and buy original pieces to wow the folks back home.Read More »Crafty little capers across New Zealand

Malaysia Money Saving Sojourns

It’s tax time again so we know what that means – receipt hunting, number crunching, book balancing, yawn! Tell the accountant to stick this in his calculator: You + Exclusive Hotel Deals = Well-deserved holiday in heavenly, sunny Malaysia. From free breakfasts to free nights to orangutan sized discounts, these specials are guaranteed to put a smile on any bean counter’s dial.   Read More »Malaysia Money Saving Sojourns