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School holiday fun

5 hotels that make school holidays fun for parents too!

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School holiday fun

It seems like only yesterday you were packing the kids’ lunchboxes for their first day of term, but the fact is, Aussie school holidays are already here for some states!

Instead of struggling to keep bored young minds entertained, take them somewhere that does all the work for you. Not only will the kids have memories to last a lifetime – you’ll get a break from regular programming too! To get started, here are 5 Australian hotels and resorts that know how to put the fun in school holidays for everyone.

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Bondi Beach Sydney

Let’s Talk: Hotels on Sydney’s Beaches

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An Australian icon: The Surf Lifesaver

Did you know there are around 70 surf beaches in Sydney? That means there’s definitely one to suit your skill level, from grommet through to experienced. But let’s face it, being at the beach in Sydney isn’t really about surfing. There’s a whole load of other stuff happening, especially at the most popular beaches. Whether it’s pumping iron with Bondi’s muscle men or rollerblading along Campbell Parade, playing beach volleyball half naked or hanging out with the beautiful crew in Manly.

But here’s a tip: it’s the lesser known, further flung beaches that will make your jaw drop. Anyway, back to surfing. ‘Freshie’ (Freshwater) is where it all began in Australia back in 1915. And it’s the *best* beach in Sydney in my opinion. Without a doubt though, the busier beaches provide the most entertainment and enjoyment. So here’s how to fill your dreamy beach days in Sydney…Read More »Let’s Talk: Hotels on Sydney’s Beaches