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Clucky Kiwi Hens Night Holidays

Central Otago Wine Tour Christchurch Belly Dancing Wellington by Night

Bellydancing: via Wikimedia Commons | 

Kiwis are nocturnal birds, and you can be too on a New Zealand hen’s holiday party before the Big Day. Whether it involves poles, bellies, touring, pampering or clubbing, most of these adventures have three common ingredients – dancing, wine and bubbly – the perfect blend of fun for dainty ladies and daredevilesses alike. Read More »Clucky Kiwi Hens Night Holidays

Green thumb getaways in NZ

Learn Scything in Taupo Park Tour Auckland Christchurch Garden Tour

Scything: Hollanmatej via Wikimedia Commons

Get down and dirty! You’ll be on your knees getting back to nature with tips for weeding, sowing and growing all things green in New Zealand’s springtime. From visits to botanic gardens to learning new ways to cut grass, there’s a green getaway for all!Read More »Green thumb getaways in NZ

Get High Holidays NZ style

Helicopter Tour, Mt Cook Bungy Jump, Queenstown Skydiving, Rotorua

Getting high on a holiday is great fun, as long as it’s legal of course. Altitude affects attitude, as the rush of soaring above the earth lifts the spirits and adrenalin levels — get a bird-like peace floating in a balloon or tingle with thrills jumping from the clouds. There’s a holiday to reach the heights of any desire…Read More »Get High Holidays NZ style