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Highlights of Vietnam

Most people planning to travel to Vietnam are attracted by images of the country’s natural beauty.  The green rice fields are dotted with the conical hats of the local farmers; there are 3,000 Kilometres of picturesque coastline; the bustling pace of Ho Chi Minh City; the relaxing atmosphere of the Mekong Delta. Read More »Highlights of Vietnam

Which Beach This Summer?

Which Beach This Summer? Homeground or Far Flung?

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Which Beach This Summer?

Which beach this summer is a perennial question that’s asked around late September/early October, as Australia gears up for the end of year break. Will it be on home turf or an overseas beach? We can narrow it down to destinations south of the equator unless you’re after a “sit on the beach wrapped in a blanket” type holiday. But of the overseas beach destinations, your choice is really either Southeast Asia or the Pacific Islands. With both these options you can mix beach and culture for an amazing time. Read More »Which Beach This Summer? Homeground or Far Flung?