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Surprise! How to Plan a Trip for Someone Special

beach surprise

beach surprise

There’s nothing like a grand gesture to make a loved one feel special. You don’t have to spend tons of money to make someone feel appreciated. It’s the thought and amount of planning involved that matters more. Whether it’s your spouse, parents or children, [tweet_dis]planning a trip for someone special is just as rewarding as going on the trip itself![/tweet_dis]

A surprise holiday is simple to plan even if you’re not tech-savvy! Sites like ours – – make it easy to compare and choose your accommodation according to destination, budget, customer reviews and more. You can even look up hotels within proximity to a famous landmark with our curated lists, like hotels near the Sydney Opera House or Bondi Beach for example.

What Do They Like?

Do they want to get in touch with nature? Are they a foodie? Is he or she devoted to fitness or obsessed with sport?

Think carefully about this because it’s arguably the most important point. Sure, it’s always great to try new things, but don’t… not this time anyway! You don’t want to risk your travel buddy having a terrible time on his/her trip. Stick to what you know they will enjoy. Choose something in line with their interests, but still a step above the ordinary. This is not a typical day for them, it’s a special occasion that doesn’t come around very often.

Plan Your Expenses

Travelling can be quite expensive, especially if you’re heading to the popular tourist spots or wanting to indulge in a luxury hotel. When planning your itinerary, choose off-peak travel seasons where possible. This means cheaper airfares and accommodation because there is less demand from guests. Also, it helps avoid delays and overbooking, which can quickly turn a relaxing trip into a nightmare. The chances of you getting stuck at an airport somewhere is much lower during off-peak season!

Keep It A Secret!

Keeping the trip under wraps is easy when you book online. But consider other forms of preparation as well. Since your travel partner won’t be aware of the trip, you’ll need to do everything! This could involve getting visas, making sure passports are renewed, organising the house, kids and pets, annual leave, packing proper attire etc. Write a list, check and double check all preparations have been covered!

If you need help selecting the perfect hotel for your getaway, email us at [email protected]. We love organising surprises!

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