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Solo Travel: Rediscover Yourself in 3 Days

Rediscover Yourself with a Solo Trip

Rediscover Yourself with a Solo Trip

Life is incredibly busy these days. Between work, taking care of the kids, making sure the house is clean and the pets are fed, you probably have little to no time for yourself. When you do get a moment to yourself, you would probably much rather spend it on other things instead of being idle.

While there’s nothing wrong with spending your time wisely, it’s crucial that you set aside some ‘me’ time too.

Value your solitude

The amount of information at our fingertips is staggering, but at what expense? We’re all connected to the Internet in one way or another; our privacy is compromised. If snail mail was a novelty then, look at us now—thousands of miles are reduced to nothing because of text messaging and social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. All this new technology can be overwhelming, and we can only process so much information at once. ‘Unplugging’ yourself from such distractions is a great relief.

A solo getaway is worth it for that reason alone, but there are plenty of other benefits such as relaxation, recovery, self-discovery and more.

Suggested itinerary

Day 1: Settle into your room and have a relaxing bath. Listen to some music and read a good book.

Why? The bath will soothe your sore muscles, and a good book will help keep your mind off everything else! Music is a good alternative if you simply want to lie down for awhile. Keep the tunes calm as music can evoke a strong emotional reaction.

Day 2: Explore your surroundings. Indulge in a few treats here and there—coffee and cake, yum cha, handmade chocolates, a glass of bubbly at noon! Dine at a nice restaurant, nothing too fancy. A hushed environment and silver service will only make you feel uncomfortable on your own. Limit your restaurant selection to smart casual. With elevated noise and activity levels, you won’t be the centre of attention and you’ll have plenty to look at to keep you occupied during dinner!

Why? Walking is great exercise and will help loosen tight hips from sitting at a desk all day. Chocolate helps boost endorphins, something you want a lot of during your short vacation. Dining out will give you a break from cooking for a change.

Day 3: Take a dip in the Hotel pool or lounge around on the terrace. Alternatively, stay in your pajamas all day and don’t even get out of bed. Order room service and watch a movie between naps.

Why? It’s your last day before you go back to reality. Make it count! Forget shopping for souvenirs to take back home, the family gets enough of your time and attention every other day. Enjoy your last few moments of solitude.

Hot Stone Massage

Pamper yourself! Go for luxury

  • The Sir Stamford Circular Quay is a luxury hotel situated in the heart of Sydney. Just five minutes away is the world famous Sydney Opera House for those who wish to do a bit of sightseeing as well. It houses an outdoor heated pool and a spacious deck that overlooks Sydney Harbour and Circular Quay. Dine at their award-winning restaurant and bar with stunning views of the Royal Botanic Gardens. Perfect for those needing some downtime.
  • The Four Seasons Hotel Sydney overlooks the historic Rocks area. Like the Sir Stamford Circular Quay, it offers panoramic views of the Opera House and Circular Quay. It also boasts top tier amenities and a state-of-the-art fitness centre with sauna. Guests can relax at the spa and health club for skin treatments and massages. Healing for the mind, body and soul.

Want something a little closer to home?

  • If a swanky CBD hotel isn’t your thing, try one closer to home. The Prahran Village Guest House for is great for Melburnites. The property is within walking distance to restaurants, clubs, bars and shopping. And also just a few kilometres away from St. Kilda Beach. You’ll get the best of both worlds with this guesthouse because of its homey feel, gracious host and comfortable accommodation. The King Suite comes highly recommended by previous guests and all room types include breakfast as well. Repeat for other cities!

Time for a little solo travel? Don’t feel guilty or make excuses, you absolutely deserve a break! A recharged “you” is good for everyone. Book your solo trip away with today!

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