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The funniest thing happened on my way to Asia

Comedy Roadshow, Singapore Toto's Magic Bar, Tokyo The Library, Manila

Feeling more down than clown? Laughter is the best medicine, so rejuvenate your spirit with some comic relief, magical marvel and circus antic holidays of Asia. And just wait until you see the hotels we’ve got up out sleeve…

Looking for a thriller in Manila? Try The Library, where stand-up comedians and other performers have been tickling the fancy and funny bone of audiences for 21 years. This hub of humour has launched hosts into TV celebrities, and is rated by Time magazine as a Manila entertainment venue that must be seen. And you get a great meal too! Giggle your way back to the City Garden Suites Manila, hang out at the sushi bar and onsite café retelling jokes to anyone who’ll listen, before hitting the hay.

There’s no gold medal for card tricks, but on July 24th and 25th, China’s top magician Liu Qian will have spectators on their feet with a magic extravaganza in the heart of Beijing. Renowned for his international shows, Qian will make your mind go wild as you try to figure out how he manages illusions such as transforming a finger ring into an egg. Stay at the Presidential Plaza Hotel and enjoy the exhilaration of a rooftop garden café, or expend some magic-fuelled energy playing billiards, card games or mah-jong.

Why did the comedian cross the ocean? Because the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow is visiting The Substation in Singapore. Smile from ear to ear and gasp for breath in a rapturous evening of acts including musical duo Smart Casual, whose catchy tunes are as tappy as they are happy. Best yet, when you’re zonked from laughing, stay at the Royal Queens Hotel and experience the warmth of the 2008 Excellent Service Award (EXSA) winners, where staff are adept at giving all guests the celebrity treatment.

There’s more than one way to make a drink disappear – have a tipple and a giggle at one of Tokyo’s many magic bars, Toto’s Bar, which has magic shows three times a day. Lead man, Toto, is a hilarious performer who has strutted his stuff at the industry’s mecca for magic, The Magic Castle in Los Angeles. Or, for something completely different, find out how you get a 1000 Yen note into an unbroken watermelon at Issey Maya’s Conjuror’s bar. But before you go getting yourself sawn in half, enjoy an elegant and secluded dinner in the French restaurant Escale at Hotel Monterey La Soeur Ginza.

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