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Weekenders: A Secluded Getaway at Marion Bay, South Australia

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Marion Bay Shipwreck

Marion Bay Shipwreck

Not everyone looks for a thriving nightlife on their holiday. Some people want to relax when they take off work, just kick back and enjoy some spectacular views.

If that’s what you’re looking for, we’ve got the destination for you. Marion Bay, South Australia, the relaxed, chilled out beach town located on the southern tip of the Yorke Peninsula, a three-hour drive from Adelaide.

Those who work in urban areas and looking to escape city life are sure to appreciate the friendly, small-town atmosphere found in Marion Bay. In addition to the slow and easy pace of life, Marion Bay is a world-class fishing destination and was once featured in an episode of the popular series Rex Hunt’s Fishing Adventures.

In short, [tweet_dis]Marion Bay is the chilled out resort you’ve been looking for. Check out some of its best activities and attractions.[/tweet_dis]

Innes National Park

One thing you absolutely must take advantage of on your trip to Marion Bay is its proximity to Innes National Park, famous among recreational fishermen for its incredible scenery. You’ll feel like you’re on the set of Lord of the Rings. The dramatic seaside cliffs, along with the shipwrecks and lighthouses that dot the landscape, will inspire your inner adventurer to hike these epic trails.

There’s more to do at Innes National Park than just hike through it. Toss in a line from shore, pier, or charter boat and see if you can reel in a fresh dinner of delicious fish. King George whiting, garfish, mullet, snook, flathead, Australian salmon, salmon trout, and tommy ruff are all plentiful here.

Surfs up!

Maybe you’re looking for something more active still. You can get your dose of adrenaline here by surfing. There are many premium breaks at the beaches surrounding Marion Bay. One particularly good surf spot is Pondie break. On normal days you’ll get 1m swells with a length of 50-150 metres, and on good days (which there are many of) you’ll get 3m swells with a run of 150-300 metres.

Whether you’re an overworked city slicker looking for some peace and quiet, a couple looking for a romantic getaway, or a sportsman looking for a great new place to fish or surf, Marion Bay provides everything you need for the perfect trip.

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