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Scientific stays and boffin breaks in the UK and Europe

Berlin Technology Museum Royal Observatory Greenwich City of Arts and Sciences Valencia

Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin:  via Wikimedia Commons |
Royal Observatory: Mike Peel via Wikimedia Commons|
Museo de las Ciencias Príncipe Felipe: comakut via Wikimedia Commons |

Hey smarty-pants! Being brainy can be as fun as any wild adventure — check out exhibitions, listen to lectures, conduct experiments and get involved in science and technology on these Einstein adventures around the UK and Europe.

If one was wanting to see a water mill, brewery steam engine and plane all in one place, where would one go? Why, the Deutsches Technikmuseum in Berlin of course.  Silly us! This brilliant venue is a combination of something old and something new, industrial and scientific innovations, as well as demonstrations and interactive exhibits like making paper then printing on it. After all that technology, step back to nature at The Westin Grand with its tranquil gardens and fountains, and enjoy a tipple at The Grand Terrance.

Over 400 years ago Galileo pointed his telescope to the night’s sky and said “Oi Jesuits, come and take a look. Didn’t I tell you there were four moons orbiting Jupiter?” Today, you can take a walk around Valencia, including the City of Arts and Sciences. On the scientific side are the Oceanográfico (the largest aquarium in Europe with over 500 marine species) and Príncipe Felipe Science. For space cadets, the Space Academy exhibit takes you on a complete space journey: from preparation for the launch to flight simulator. Continue your space preparation at the nearby AC Hotel Valencia where the gym has bodybuilding equipment and a Turkish bath.

Imagine inviting Mozart and Einstein over for dinner? All chatting away like old friends over a curry and a few pints. Actually, you’d probably never get a word in with those two. So maybe you should just head along to the Festival of Time & Space in Greenwich from 26 October – 21 November 2009. In this year of Astronomy, The Trinity College of Music and the Royal Observatory celebrate the wonders of the cosmos with lectures, sound installations and musical theatre. And if you happen to be a bit of a Trekkie, where else would you want to be beamed up at the end of the day than a room at the modern, stylish and quirky Enterprise Hotel.

Could you be the next Da Vinci or Dyson? Suss out the competition and get ideas for your next brainiac invention at Brussels Innova from 19-21 November 2009. This is the place to find some financial backing for the gadget in your garage and meet minds who like to dabble with the diodes too. Grab a pen and paper or sketch on a napkin in the bar at Hotel Floris Louise with a Belgian beer and snacks.

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