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Raise a Glass to Aussie Wine Month

Wine glasses

Wine glasses

Australian’s don’t need much of an excuse to top off a night with a few glasses of wine, but a whole month? That’ll take some planning. Happily, the thoughtful folks at Wine Australia have seen to it that we have all the incentive we need to “Raise a Glass” by hosting an annual Aussie Wine Month, which takes place nationally in May and features an array of wine related events. After all, if there’s one thing we need to celebrate more, it’s wine. Australia has a stellar reputation for producing excellent wines, ranking fourth globally for wine export. [tweet_box]Approximately 30 million glasses of Australian wine are drunk worldwide each day… cheers to that![/tweet_box]

An Event in Season

Since its debut in 2012, Aussie Wine Month has grown from strength to strength, and is now bigger than ever. During the festival, you’ll find wineries, wine regions, restaurants, retailers and anyone that has an association with wine on board for the entire month-long festival. They’ll be hosting events that will give those partial to a tipple plenty of opportunities to taste new wine, catch a concert or experience the outdoors.

So c’mon Aussies, let’s show our appreciation to our land’s good old vino. There’s no better place to start than by ambling through the cellar doors of your nearest wine region for a quiet taste… or three.

What to Do

[tweet_dis]Take a peek at some of the great events taking place across the country during Aussie Wine Month[/tweet_dis]:

Wine Tastings: How can you sample all of Australia’s delicious wine if you’re – ahem – unable to drive? Simple. Just head on over to Sydney’s City Cellar Door pop up event at Australia Square to sample wine from nearly 60 of Australia’s 65 wine regions. Of course you’ll need a hotel nearby to promptly pass out afterwards!

Get Out of Town: Sure, you can have you wine hand-delivered at your favourite city restaurants, but you can’t beat a trip to the wine regions where it’s actually made. A popular destination is the Clare Valley, just north of Adelaide, which is one of Australia’s oldest wine regions. Here, you’ll find 40 small wineries spread over a 40 kilometre area. Make sure you try the Riesling; the area is famous for it.

Enjoy the Opera: Life can’t possibly get any better than sitting in a beautiful vineyard, glass in hand, listening to opera. The ‘Opera in the Vineyard’ at the Ballandean Estate Wines in Queensland is an annual highlight, bringing nearly 2,000 wine lovers together for a night of music, drinks and good times.

Check out Aussie Wine Month’s full program for the latest news and festivities.


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