Hot and Spicy in Asia

Hotsprings, Taipei Firedancing, Bali Volcano 'Krakatau', Indonesia

What’s hot right now? You! Feel the heat of hot holidays near volcanoes, see fire eaters quench their thirst for flame and see a dance in a trance at a traditional fire dance. So slap on the sunnies and get some degrees of delight!Read More »Hot and Spicy in Asia

True Blue Sky High Holidays

Gliding, SydneyTandem Skydiving, PerthJet Flight, Hobart

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… no it’s YOU! No need to be Clark Kent or Wonder Woman to get high on a soaring adventure. Imagine moments of weightlessness, feeling the wind in your hair, floating above the clouds, or the more extreme sensation of g-forces in a jet fighter — it’s holiday time with altitude!Read More »True Blue Sky High Holidays

When in Rome

The city of Rome is a treasure trove of ancient ruins, Renaissance palaces, grand piazzas and surprises to discover around every corner.  History lovers will enjoy… Read More »When in Rome

Are you coming to the slumber party?

West Edmonton Mall Theme Park, Canada Disney World Breakfast, Orlando Boeing Factory, Seattle

There are many things that suck about being a grown up. None more than, well, growing up. Sometimes we just need to drop the serious attitude and leave responsibility behind. On our North American holidays of yesteryear you’ll find theme parks, cartoons and way-cool toys guaranteed to get you giggling. Mom called to say you can stay for the slumber party – now it’s time to pick the venue and take a trip down memory lane…Read More »Are you coming to the slumber party?