Relaxing Aussie book lover holidays to stop you losing the plot

Stressed out? Lost the plot? Then here’s a novel idea! Wander into the setting of a favourite Australian story, bury yourself in literary wonderland, or learn to spin and tell a yarn of your own without putting your audience into a self-induced coma. Pack the laptop, pens and paper as we check out (and check into) some unique Aussie book lover hotels.Read More »Relaxing Aussie book lover holidays to stop you losing the plot

Huck Finn to Hemingway – American book lover breaks

Reading a Book Hemingway House Key West Mark Twain's Boyhood Home in Hannibal

Woman Reading: Zico-C via Wikimedia Commons |
Hemingway's House: Hein Mück via Wikimedia Commons |
Mark Twain's House: Andrew Balet via Wikimedia Commons

If you love literature, writing and anything alphabetical, the thrill of a good book is almost as good as a holiday. And there’s nothing better than savoring both at the same time. Dive into a world where inspirational tales were born and see where America’s greatest writers lived and worked  – and learn more about becoming a famous author yourself.Read More »Huck Finn to Hemingway – American book lover breaks

Scientific stays and boffin breaks in the UK and Europe

Berlin Technology Museum Royal Observatory Greenwich City of Arts and Sciences Valencia

Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin:  via Wikimedia Commons |
Royal Observatory: Mike Peel via Wikimedia Commons|
Museo de las Ciencias Príncipe Felipe: comakut via Wikimedia Commons |

Hey smarty-pants! Being brainy can be as fun as any wild adventure — check out exhibitions, listen to lectures, conduct experiments and get involved in science and technology on these Einstein adventures around the UK and Europe. Read More »Scientific stays and boffin breaks in the UK and Europe

Asian holidays for toy boys and barbie dolls

Singapore Remote Control Toy Store Foosball Table, such as at Tokyo Toy Museum An Example of a Toy Fair such as at Bangalore

Remote Control Cars: Masterboy via Wikimedia Commons |
Foosball Table:  Luke Rathbone via Wikimedia Commons |
Toy Fair: Roland Berger via Wikimedia Commons

Buy a Ferrari, pilot your own plane, or deck out your pad in the Toy Forest. No, we haven’t been sniffing old printer cartridges, we’re talking toy and hobby holidays for kids of all ages. Experience the laughs, awe and thrills – without the hefty price tag – at some of the biggest and best toy museums, stores and fairs across Asia.Read More »Asian holidays for toy boys and barbie dolls

Clucky Kiwi Hens Night Holidays

Central Otago Wine Tour Christchurch Belly Dancing Wellington by Night

Bellydancing: via Wikimedia Commons | 

Kiwis are nocturnal birds, and you can be too on a New Zealand hen’s holiday party before the Big Day. Whether it involves poles, bellies, touring, pampering or clubbing, most of these adventures have three common ingredients – dancing, wine and bubbly – the perfect blend of fun for dainty ladies and daredevilesses alike. Read More »Clucky Kiwi Hens Night Holidays