Go bonkers for Honkers!

Hong Kong is the ultimate combination of western and asian influences; serene tranquility or digital technology; modern skyscrapers or original colonial buildings;  shopping centres with designer labels or local markets;… Read More »Go bonkers for Honkers!

4 Christmas vacations to make an elf green with envy

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Carolina Opry Christmas Special New York City Lights Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel Montreal

Here we are again. That time of year when elves start moaning about chronic fatigue as Santa puts them on double shifts to meet his deadlines. Well perhaps if they slaved away all year long like everyone else they could take a well deserved Christmas vacation too. So take your pick from our four amazing destinations, beautiful hotels, fun tours and unique activities across the US and Canada and do your bit for elf envy…Read More »4 Christmas vacations to make an elf green with envy

Brilliant Europe holidays for people bored with Xmas

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Christmas Eve Vienna Castle Reindeer Farm Finland Best Western Royal Victoria Hotel Hastings

We hate to ask, but do you know what you’re doing for Christmas yet? Here’s a thought. Pop over to Europe and do something exotic, fun, romantic, exciting. You know, something a bit different than last year, and the year before and… well you what we mean. There’s classic castles, reindeer rides, Dickens parties and everything. Come on, at least have a look. And if you don’t fancy anything, you can head down to Kent and check out the Santa Train…Read More »Brilliant Europe holidays for people bored with Xmas

Run away from home this Xmas – great NZ hotels to hide in

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Maori Concert Christchurch Wellington Horse Tour Distinction Te Anau Hotel and Villas

If the sound of Ho Ho Ho makes you think “No, No, No!” then you’ll probably need to get away this Christmas to power up your merry mood. But what kind of holiday do you choose? How about something relaxing, adventurous, exciting or just plain different – but always surrounded by natural wonders and lashings of local fare? So take your pick, then pin a note to the tree, “Dear Santa, we skipped town. Sorry mate, no beer and cookies this year…”Read More »Run away from home this Xmas – great NZ hotels to hide in