Steamy European holidays to help combat your climate change

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Amsterdam Candlelit Cruise Pompeii Tour Radisson SAS Saga Hotel

So the global warming summit is just about done. The leaders of all those balmy, sun drenched countries have had their say and will soon head home to spend Xmas on the beach. But what about those left behind in Europe with three months of snow, ice, rain and grey winters days to contend with? While we don’t condone global warming, we’re all for bodily climate change. Hence our four rather steamy holidays guaranteed to melt your cold bits.Read More »Steamy European holidays to help combat your climate change

Let there be wheels – holidays for happy feet

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Bali Cycling Tour Furama Riverfront Singapore Beijing Rickshaw Ride

10,000 years ago, somewhere in Asia, a guy named Ughh woke up one morning, crawled out of his cave and decided to invent the wheel. Why? Perhaps he had a bunion. Or maybe he just wanted to make life easier for everyone. We’ll never know. All that really matters is that none of these incredibly diverse Asian holidays on wheels ideas would not be possible without his remarkable foresight. Ughh, our feet salute you. Read More »Let there be wheels – holidays for happy feet

NZ new year holidays to get your motor running

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Auckland City Harley Davidson Tour Comfort Inn Elliots Paraparaumu Quad Bike Tour Christchurch

Ready to hit Top Gear for the New Year? Whether it’s a holiday with the family, a spontaneous romantic interlude or a wild weekend with your mates, New Zealand’s natural charms make it pretty hard to beat for two and four wheeled holiday ideas. If you love the feel of wind in your hair (and bugs in your teeth) at wild speeds, drooling over gorgeous vintage cars or just soaking up the scenery as an easy rider, one of these little hotel adventures will get your 2010 off to a flying start. Read More »NZ new year holidays to get your motor running

Summer holidays – why Aussies never dream of a white Xmas

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Infinity Gold Coast Salamanca Hotel Hobart Turtle Bay Kayak Adventure Broome

Hoist the speedos and zinc the nose, Aussie summer holidays have arrived in all their sizzling glory. And we’ve got a continent load of adventures and hotels to get you out in the fresh air, bobbing in the sea, gawking at the wildlife or attempting something completely different. Hmm, wonder what the people in the Northern Hemisphere are doing right now? Shivering! Read More »Summer holidays – why Aussies never dream of a white Xmas

Golden Backpack Awards 2009

On 5 November 2009, a gala dinner was held in Sydney to announce the winners of this years’ Golden Backpack Awards.

Backpackers cast more than 40,000 votes for their favourite hostel, tour and backpacker night in each state and territory in Australia and New Zealand. TNT Magazine ran a national campaign both online and in print to collect votes. Each vote was verified for authenticity to ensure fair play.

Read More »Golden Backpack Awards 2009