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NZ holidays for the little kid inside

Serendipity Farm Park, Whangarei Doll Museum, Katikati Rainbow's End, Auckland

Being an adult sux sometimes. Who wouldn’t rather go back to the days of 5 cent lollies and slumber parties? Replace the mortgage with mudcakes, bills with thrills and pretend to be a kid again on one of our child-at-heart hotels and youthful escapades.

Did you ever find the pot of gold? Chasing after a rainbow in Auckland leads you to a pot of fun at the famous Rainbow’s End theme park, with world-class rides to get your heartbeat fluttering. Arrrr on the Pirate Ship, scream on the Power Surge and then let your tongue tangle in a mound of fairy floss. No need for tents and cubby houses though, with classy accommodation at the Quadrant Auckland — rent an X-box from reception or stick with the 20th century theme and go play in nearby Albert Park.

Betcha wanted to be Barbie or GI Joe at some stage, wearing frilly gowns or army greens, yeah? Go down memory lane with a visit to the Jan McLean Doll Museum in Katikati, near Tauranga. The extravagant display includes exhibits of ‘French Floozies’ and the Titanic era, along with many other dolls in this freakishly large collection. Return to the Summit Motor Lodge in Tauranga for a game of table tennis or pool.

Old McDonald had a farm, ee i ee i o, yes you can drive people crazy with everyone’s favourite farm tune on a visit to the Serendipity Farm Park near Whangarei. There are over 20 different and ridiculously cute animals to hand feed – from Henny Penny to Donald Duck and Percival Pony. Continue the country theme back at Lupton Lodge with gourmet breakfast and subtropical gardens to explore.

Tag! You’re it! Chase each other around trees and play hide and seek with imaginary fairies at the beautiful Wellington Botanic Garden – ok, so it might take a few glasses of wine to get in the swing of things these days, but what better excuse?  Take the cable car from the CBD and enjoy a picnic, listen to a concert, or just check out the glowworms along the paths at night. Skip back to the Quest Atrium Wellington with its sauna and pool. Get the giggles at the hotel karaoke bar before mum calls and it’s time to go home.

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