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NZ alter ego holidays – getaway from your everyday

Glacier Helihike, Franz Josef Jailhouse Hotel, Christchurch Horse Ride, Wellington

Wanna be a swashbuckling adventurer, undercover agent, cow person or rockstar? Forget what your driver’s licence says, it’s time to live as someone else on an alter-ego New Zealand holiday – the perfect way to getaway from your everyday.

Death defying heights, hidden caves and jaw dropping views may sound like something out of a Stallone action flick, but this is no Hollywood set. Unlike most of Sly’s face, it’s all real – and right here in your own backyard on a Franz Josef and Fox glacier tour. Arrive and depart by helicopter to learn all about glaciers firsthand, surrounded by sparking waters and icefall terrain. Back in nearby Franz Josef village, swap the icescape for some Tarzan time at the Rainforest Retreat – treehouse accommodation set in a lush green forest canopy.

This message will self-destruct in 15 seconds, long enough for you to read about how to live life on the edge as an undercover agent in Auckland’s Spy Bar. The standards are high, and you won’t be disappointed as you scope out the joint’s classy atmosphere and groovy tunes to some exclusive acts. Recon over, check into the  Sebel Suites Auckland, your safe house, close to the casino royale.

Whether you’re into trilling or chilling, karaoke means you can be Abba one song, Acca Dacca the next at the Treehouse Karaoke Bar in Christchurch. And when the rodeo urge takes over, kick on Boris the mechanical bull and fling that cowboy hat around in a whirlwind of whimsy. After a wild night like that, we recommend you sleep it off at the Jailhouse Accommodation – once an 1800s prison, now refurbished with comfortable beds.

Howdy pardner, how about a Hoppalong tour around the Wairarapa countryside near Wellington, with your very own Topper?  As a Kiwi cowboy or cowgirl, you don’t just ride horses, there’s also a guided chasm walk and a high ropes course to navigate before chowing down and indulging in some scruptuous wine tasting. With all that rawhide running through your veins, you’ll want to stay close to the manly action at the Kingsgate Hotel, where a 42-inch plasma screen in the bar is perfect for some fast-paced footy viewing, cheering and heckling.

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