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Green thumb getaways in NZ

Learn Scything in Taupo Park Tour Auckland Christchurch Garden Tour

Scything: Hollanmatej via Wikimedia Commons

Get down and dirty! You’ll be on your knees getting back to nature with tips for weeding, sowing and growing all things green in New Zealand’s springtime. From visits to botanic gardens to learning new ways to cut grass, there’s a green getaway for all!

You’ll see giant 1000-year-old kauri trees in an untouched rainforest park on an eco tour of the West Coast, near Auckland. The local guides walk you through the majestic local flora — 70% is unique to New Zealand — before a stroll along black sand for a picnic lunch. Arrive back in town to experience another style of nature at the Rendezvous Hotel, with its Japanese rooftop garden to enjoy the serenity of Auckland from up high.

Now for something completely different – mowing the lawn on your hols. No, not the huffing and puffing surrounded by fumes, but enjoying the fresh spring air learning the Art of Scything on 6-7 November 2009 in Taupo. Find out how to hold the handle properly, mow Tai Chi style, and maintain your scythe. Your arms will look buff in no time. Relax after your day of toil at the Karaka Tree Motel Taupo, where each room has a private geothermal mineral fresh water hot pool.

Imagine sitting back with a cold drink on a warm summer’s day, admirng your lovely garden as you slip off to sleep under dappled sunlight. It doesn’t have to be a pipedream. Learn how to create your own little garden of Eden on a trip to the Rotorua Home and Garden Show from October 30 – November 1. Amble through the exhibits and ask experts how they get their grass green on both sides. Be inspired by the exhibition gardens and try your luck in the competitions. Keep the lush theme alive at the Novotel Lakeside Rotorua, set in a park nearby a golf course.

You’ll be green with envy once you experience the gardens of Christchurch on a half day tour. See what all the award-winning fuss is about as you stroll the internationally renowned private and public gardens. Spring in the botanic gardens of Christchurch is an amazing time, with over 21 hectares of garden art conservatories and seasonal gems, such as the Daffodil Woodland and Fragrant garden, to dazzle your senses. You can soak up a little more of the good life at the antique furnished Gunyah’s Country Lodge, set at the foothills of the Southern Alps near Christchurch.

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