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Get lost in Space – USA vacations for the UFO curious

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Need a little space? Then an out-of-this-world experience in the USA on our fun sci-fi holidays is just the trick. You and the family can feel the Force, explore UFO-central Roswell or enjoy a lot more than one small step at some of America’s most extra-extraordinary destinations, conventions and museums.

Luke without his lightsaber? A capeless cruiser? Not the same, is it? Props in movies are an essential part of stories and memorable characters. You can see some of the most famous costumes, props and key pieces at The California Museum in Sacramento. There’s the leather jacket worn by Arnie in The Terminator, Darth Vader’s kit and much more. Recite your lines and imagine life in a galaxy far far away… or better yet, bubble up with Barbarella in a jacuzzi at The Sterling Hotel.

Weightlessness is possible without a celery-stick Hollywood diet. Find out what it’s like to be an astronaut with the ATX — Astronaut Training Experience — in Orlando, Florida. This hands-on program is just like mission preparation for real astronauts, including use of the Multi-axis trainer simulator, and a centrifuge-like device that spins you through 360° revolutions in random twists and turns. Practice your moon golfing skills with a round or two at the Rosen Shingle Creek, which has a championship golf course and a whirlpool to continue your training odyssey.

Boldly go to the Rustycon science fiction and fantasy convention in Seattle 15-17 January 2010, where Terran and Romulan starships attract science buffs, science fiction writers and computer users. Attend discussion panels on science topics, view exhibits and get into the fun by dressing in costume. Other times of the Earth year, you can go see Seattle’s Science Fiction Museum with film and television props and memorabilia, and rare science fiction books. Taste a meal far more earthlike than a Trekkie Replicator with natural produce at the Earth and Ocean restaurant at the W hotel, where the chef sources local ingredients and farm-direct meats.

Play Mulder and Scully on a UFO investigation visit to Roswell New Mexico. This site is famed for its other-worldly links, and you can visit the UFO Museum and Research Center to find out more about the flying saucers and the supposed 1940s crash. Take a ride out to the desert for some clear sky saucer spotting before curling up for a restful sleep at the Fairfield Inn & Suites Roswell.

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