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Our Top 4 Favourite And Most Practical Travel Items

Turkish Murkish towels


Turkish Murkish towels

It was Susan Heller that once said:

When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.

I’m still working on the money bit.

The packing, however, has been finely tuned over the years. Ok, more like madly analysed over and over to the point of neurosis. Here, I’ve narrowed down my top four favourite and most practical items to travel with.

1. Turkish Murkish Peshtemal

This one is both a luxury item and necessity. The Turkish Murkish Collection offers authentic peshtemals; durable, light weight towels that dry quickly and take up no room at all in your luggage. They’re extremely versatile, just use your imagination! Great as a towel for the beach, pool or bath. They’re also stylish enough to wear as a scarf, wrap or draped around you as a sarong. Hang up for privacy or shade, or lay down as a picnic blanket. We love the quality and colours of Turkish Murkish vibrants. Chic, compact and convenient, they are the ultimate travel accessory.

4 Essential Travel Items

2. Backpack

A good quality daypack is the difference between skipping along hand-in-hand with your children and screaming at them I’M NOT YOUR SHERPA! They say the ideal size for a travel daypack is anywhere between 10-30L. A 10L pack can barely hold your wallet and snack, whereas 30L can get pretty bulky and heavy. To be really useful, it needs to be at least 300mm wide with a few external pockets for non-valuable items and internal storage options to sort the rest of your belongings. Definitely no velcro openings!

Thankfully, backpacks are more fashionable these days, but the single biggest consideration should still be comfort. Padded straps and good ventilation or a fixed curve away from your body are vital because, ew, who wants a sweaty back?

3. Luggage Tag by 2Roads Designs

You know when you’re standing at the luggage carousel on high alert, eyes desperately scanning for a recognisable feature on your bag – the same bag that three other people dive on when it comes round? This is why you need a luggage tag that is easily identifiable to you. Enter 2Roads Designs. They make gorgeous, hard wearing, vintage style tags to purchase as a gift, wedding favours and, of course, for your own travel needs. Who knew luggage tags could be so cool?! All the designs can be customised to some degree, so you get something truly personal and eye-catching. No more unzipping and pulling out your undies in public to check you’ve got the right bag!

4. Flo Travel Nasal Spray

Now we’re really getting to the pointy end of ‘practical travel items’! But who wants to be sick, or worse, looking after sick kids on holiday? A few sprays of this up your schnoz on a plane trip helps prevent viruses and bacteria entering through the nasal tissue. And let’s face it, we’re all a little paranoid when another passenger splutters or sneezes in our direction. Flo Travel also stops your nose becoming dry and crusty in the lower humidity and cooler cabin. Same goes for air-conditioned hotel rooms. And because it’s all natural, it’s safe to use on children aged 2 and over. The best part? It actually works!

What about you? What travel items can’t you leave home without?


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