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Delaying the Inevitable: Why people who put off their annual leave suffer more from stress

work relaxation

work relaxation

When you return to work after a break, do you usually feel refreshed and energetic? If you’re like the majority of people, then the answer is no. Even after a break, most Australians return to work still feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed.

We all know chronic, or constant stress, causes the body to be in a state of guardedness. It forces the body to be defensive all the time. This can lead to heart disease, elevated blood pressure and stress hormones, which in turn increase your risk of stroke, hypertension and heart attack.

How is this related to your annual leave?

Put simply, we all need time off to relax and unwind, reset the mind and unlock those tensed muscles. A busy lifestyle means there are stressors everywhere. Stressors you’re not even aware of until you go on holiday and remember what it’s like to not be stressed.

[tweet_dis]Are you the type of person who gets a cold on your first day of leave? That’s a phenomenon called ‘leisure sickness'[/tweet_dis] and it’s a sign your body is operating in flight-or-fight mode on a daily basis. When you do finally relax, as you do on holiday, your body succumbs to the stress, lowering your immunity and making you more susceptible to illness.

Highly-strung individuals and those who work overtime, shift work or high-pressure jobs are encouraged to take time off at least twice a year to help their body recover from the onslaught of stress and its subsequent reactions in the body. [tweet_box]Sometimes just the placebo effect of physically being away from the workplace can make a difference to your stress levels.[/tweet_box]

Regardless of when you had your last “time off” work, get planning your next getaway with a focus on actually resting and rejuvenating. And once you’re on holiday, for god’s sake, put down the phone!

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