COVID-19 Travel Updates across Australia

National and State by State Updates for Travelling around Australia and for Travel Businesses in Australia

The 31 links below (some are PDF docs) will help explain current travel restrictions in Australia during the relaxing of COVID-19.

The aim of most policies is to reduce the possibility of a second wave of infection which may require a return to shutdown conditions or some other form of increasing restrictions.

The links are grouped into advice for the traveller and advice for tourism businesses in each state.

On a national level there is Australia’s 3 step plan for all business sectors to return to the ‘new normal’ after COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed.

Australia’s National Response to COVID-19

National 3 Step Plan by Business Sector
Tourism Australia Overview of COVID-19 repsonse State by State
COVID 19 and Australia’s Borders

New South Wales (NSW) Response to COVID-19

NSW Covid 19 Restrictions
NSW What you can do under rules
NSW Travel Advice
NSW Tourism industry advice
NSW Covid 19 for Safer Workplace or Premises
NSW Covid 19 Cross Border

Victoria’s Travel Restrictions COVID-19

Victoria Covid19 Restrictions
Victoria Tourism Industry Council – Info for Business

Queensland’s Travel Restrictions and COVID-19 Response

QLD restrictions (PDF)
QLD Tourism and Events COVID-19 for Travellers
QLD Tourism and Events for Business
QLD Tourism and Events Quarterly Global Market and Aviation Update

Western Australia Travel Restrictions and COVID-19 response

WA COVID-19 Roadmap
WA Travel Adivce for Travel to WA
Tourism WA Advice for Business

South Australia’s Travel Restrictions and COVID-19 Response

SA COVID-19 Status
SA COVID-19 Restrictions (PDF)
SA Travel restrictions
SA Tourism Industry COVID-19 Advice

Tasmania’s Travel Restrictions and COVID-19 Response

Tasmania COVID-19 Status
Tasmania COVID-19 Travel restrictions
Tasmania Tourism Business Guidelines & Updates

Northern Territory’s Travel Restrictions and COVID-19 Response

NT Border Response
NT COVID-19 Travel Status
NT COVID-19 Tourism Business Support
NT COVID-10 Tourism Business Updates

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Travel Restrictions and COVID-19 response

ACT COVID-19 Recovery Plan
ACT COVID-19 Recovery Plan

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