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Classic USA events that lay on the old world charm

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The world may have moved on from black and white to high res mega-watchamecallit, but there’s no reason we can’t still enjoy the fun pastimes from good times past. So drop the Botox and unplug the X-Box, it’s time to explore some classic American vacations filled with festivals, parades and mystery.

Remember the days when 3-D entertainment wasn’t “feeling like you’re almost part of the action” – because you were part of the action?! That’s what events like the Heritage Day Festival and Parade in San Diego on 26 February are all about – fun that you don’t just see and hear, but can touch, taste and smell too! Cheer on the dance teams and bands as they pass by, weaving their way among brightly coloured floats towards the park, where there are activities, food stalls and more to keep the 10,000 family oriented crowd beaming.

Put your tastebuds on parade at the La Sala Lounge Bar of the La Valencia hotel, where they offer a wide selection of Californian wine and renowned mouth-watering desserts.

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You’ve seen the movie, now be the movie at the Grumpy Old Men Festival in Wabasha, Minnesota from 25-26 February. This town was the inspiration for the Walter Matthau comedy, and in winter, the locals like to celebrate with ice fishing contests, bird watching and a spaghetti dinner. You can be any age, and even happy people are welcome!

At the Sheraton Minneapolis Midtown Hotel, you can loosen up those weary joints and muscles in the hotel whirlpool.

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Here’s one hot date you can’t organise on a singles site – the Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival from 18-27 February in Indio, California. This celebration of the sticky, sweet fruit is packed full of a middle-eastern flavour. There’s a musical pageant every night, daily ostrich and camel races, plus all kinds of carnival rides.

But wait, there’s more!…at the Palm Canyon Resort and Spa of Palm Springs, which has its own 1.5 acre pool, water slides and on-site spa services.

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Before DNA made CSI teams more than a bunch of nerdy acronyms, Angela Lansbury’s intuition did a great job solving America’s crimes in Murder She Wrote , thank you very much. Now you can try your hand at old school detection during the Langley Mystery Weekend in Washington state from 26-27 February. Locals and visitors get involved in an interactive play to track down clues, interview ‘suspects’ and compete to solve the mystery.

Discuss theories with your partner in crime solving at the Renaissance Madison Hotel in Seattle, where the musings of sleuths are better lubricated with a cocktail or two from the on-site bar.

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