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Chakra soothing sojourns of the East

Koh Samui Massage, Thailand Tai Chi, Hong Kong Crystal Healing, Shanghai

Tai Chi: via Wikimedia Commons | Crystal: Artem Topchiy  via Wikimedia Commons

Are your chakras shaky? How’s your health? Whether you’re in tune or in need of oiling up, there’s a world of healthy holidays and new age activities to put a bit more “natural” in your life.

No one knows how to chill out like Thailand’s relaxation experts on a Koh Samui Island Tour and Massage. Start your peaceful pace with a visit to an enchanting waterfall followed by lunch, then onto the Magic Gardens adorned with celestial figures. From here your only decision is whether to have a Swedish or Thai massage. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to think it over in the steam bath. Enjoy some more water therapy at the Imperial Boat House Hotel, where teak rice barges have been converted into luxury boathouses.

Silence really is golden—valuable in a world full of noise and non-stop action. Learn how to shut out the world through meditatation in a class or private session at the Shakti Healing Circle in Hong Kong. Then explore some Reiki, polarity therapy or a dozen other options. Treat your tummy to some clean living too with the organic delights of the ‘Wine X Health X Organic’ promotional dinner buffet at the Metropark Causeway Bay Hong Kong—you can even come up with you own organic recipe. Then start your next day in nearby Victoria Park joining in some calming tai chi exercises.

Imagine calmness of being—the sound of wind chimes, the smell of essential oils and the healing energy of crystals—in downtown Shanghai? Yes it is possible to find peace in this bustling city at a rather funky little holistic urban retreat called Frank*n Sense. Get some healing time with professional practitioners in therapies such as Aromatherapy, as well as beauticians using all-natural herbal extracts. The peace and pleasure continues at the Renaissance Shanghai Yuyuan Hotel with a juice bar, indoor spa garden and organic food at the Garden Café.

Could your bedroom be causing you bother? Learn about feng shui or have a consultation with specialists at the Heaven Earth Geomancy Palmistry Centre in Singapore. The expert staff also specialise in palmistry and can provide a report to help you make decisions relating to baby names, lucky wedding dates and perhaps even tips for the lottery. To see how a bed is really supposed to feel, stay at the Hilton Singapore. Then in the morning, hit the Glow Juice Bar and Café where you can put some pep back in your step with a Soya crème brulee.

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