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Buzzing New Zealand coffee and chocolate breaks

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Mmmm, there’s nothing like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, or the tantilising taste of melting chocolate… anytime! Learn the fine art of coffee making or take a tour through choccy nirvana on these New Zealand holiday breaks that are sure to leave you buzzzzing with excitement.

There’s everyday chocolate and then there’s gourmet chocolate — so rich and smooth that every taste bud swoons with delight as it melts in your mouth. If your tongue is on your keyboard, maybe it’s time to visit the Chocolate Boutique in Auckland, where you’ll discover truffles, liqueur, non liqueur, nutty rochers, and pralines in more than 100 flavours demanding your servitude. There’s even a diabetic menu, so noone gets out unscathed. Ride that sugar high on a Champagne Afternoon Tea at The Winery, part of the Hotel Langham with its three-tiered platter sandwiches, scones, and cakes, along with a range of exotic teas and fine coffees.

Making coffee is an art form, a blend of technique and creativity that bring together the right dash of flavours in a single cup. Now you can learn how to be an artiste barista at the Underground Coffee Company in Christchurch. From the grind to the milk texturising, the experts show you every step of coffee making, and you can practice your talents on their Free Trade blends. When you’ve had your fill of astounding coffee, buzz back to the Crowne Plaza Christchurch for a relaxing high tea — how dainty!

How would you fare at the Queen’s afternoon tea? Practice your pinkie posing and tea sipping from magical Martha’s Pantry in Wellington. In this pastel fairyland there are cooks in quaint aprons, vases of flowers and a teaspoon collection to drool over… or maybe that’s the cakes and gourmet sandwiches. If you get sweet tooth withdrawal, no fear, because at the Bolton Hotel, their Café Brioche is filled with friands.

Willy Wonka is sooo yesterday — get up-to-date with the latest in choccie treats on a visit to the Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Dunedin. Not only will you see machines pumping out delightful delicacies, but you can drool over the five storey high chocolate fountain, and sample mouthwatering Cadbury treats at the shop. If you manage to avoid being flushed down the giant chocolate sink for misbehaving, waddle back to the Brothers Boutique Hotel to wash down some of your choccy treats with a glass of bubbly.

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