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Aqualicious Autumn Holidays – Water Fun in New Zealand

Kaikoura Whale

Kaikoura Whale

We can’t deny it: the end of Summer is a particularly hard time. Those long, lazy warm days are receding into the sunset like a romance that’s ended much too soon. You know what, we don’t need to think like that. Why? Because Autumn is a great time to get out and have some fun. Why wait for Spring to warm the water up when we can get in before it cools down? [tweet_dis]Here are four aqualicious autumn adventures in New Zealand, designed to inspire you to get out for a final hurrah before winter sets in.[/tweet_dis]

Get the Heart Pumping

Queenstown didn’t get its reputation as the Adventure Capital of the World by taking things easy. If you doubt the city’s title at all, try the Triple Challenge half-day tour. Your adrenaline will be pumping as you partake in three activities: a trip in the Shotover Jet, a helicopter ride and a white-water rafting trip on the Shotover or Kawarau River. If that’s not adventurous enough for you, you can also add the Nevis Highwire Bungy – that’s a 134m vertical journey in 8 seconds – to your itinerary. Whoosh!

With your adrenaline burnt out for the day, soak up the view of Lake Wakatipu from our Queenstown hotel range.

Live it Up in Auckland

If you prefer your adventures to be a bit more forgiving on the heart, consider taking a relaxing, scenic yacht journey around Auckland’s harbour. There are a range of tours available, but personally we’re fans of the Yacht Dinner Cruise that are less about the tour and more about feeling glamorous and eating a delicious meal. But that’s just us…

Speaking of glamorous, take a look at our 5-star Auckland hotels.

Go Wild for Whales

Get up close and personal with the world’s largest predator on the Kaikoura Whale Watch Tour. Starting out from Christchurch, you’ll take a scenic car, train or coach journey to the world-renowned marine site of Kaikoura. Here, you’ll board the Whale Watch boat and head out to the Kaikoura Peninsula, where you’ll have the opportunity to see Sperm Whales, Fur Seals, Dusky Dolphins and the Wandering Albatross, among other marine species. Aside from the live-action overboard, the Whale Watch Tour boat also features an animated, educational (but fun!) movie that reveals all the secrets from the depth of the Kaikoura abyss.

To be in such spectacular surroundings deserves spectacular lodgings as well. And once you’re back on dry land, you can’t beat Manakau Lodge, a luxury hotel at the foot of the Kaikoura Mountain Range. We have more Kaikoura Hotels too.

Visit the Birthplace of New Zealand

The stunning Bay of Islands exhibits the very best of New Zealand life. On a Bay of Island’s Tour, visitors can work their way through 144 islands, swim with dolphins, see geological formations and retrace the very first steps that were taken on New Zealand, nearly 1000 years ago. Shrug off the incoming Autumn chill by taking a scenic hike through the forests for an awesome view of the Bay.

With your lungs full of life, breathe easy in the peaceful setting of Paihia, with most hotels on or near the waterfront.


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