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Work up a sweat – Asian fit’n’fun hotel stays-

Cycling Tour, Tokyo Bukit Kiara Jogging Track, Kuala Lumpur Climbing, Hanoi

Ever heard of cultural cross-training? Probably not, because we just made it up. Two reasons – the world desperately needs more jargon. But more importantly, there just happens to be some exceptionally cool fit’n’fun holiday ideas across Asia. You can cycle for sushi, run for a rendang or even climb for a chilli on our sweaty hotel stays. Check in and check it out…
Cycling in Tokyo? Sounds like kamikaze, but trust us, this adventure on wheels is a great way to see Japan’s capital. ‘Cycle Tokyo’ run tours such as the Asakusa Aoyama Area course, which covers central Tokyo and includes the contrasts of high rises to imperial palaces. To sustain your energy, the Gourmet tour stops for snacks, desserts – anything! If you’re a real glutton for punishment, the stunning Hotel Ritz Carlton has a Fitness Studio, indoor pool and heat experience. Saying that, the bars, restaurants and massages aren’t bad either.

Hmmm, here’s a choice – trudging along a noisy treadmill, staring at a news channel you can’t even hear – or getting your heartrate pumping while exploring an exotic city? Try the 5-kilometre Bukit Kiara jogging track in Kuala Lumpur, which is closed off to all traffic except cyclists. Here the terrain changes from forest to city, to hillside with monkeys looking on. Ok, time for reward. It’s back to the Prince Hotel and Residence for a well deserved and heavenly Mandara Spa.

Hang in there! Challenge your strength and skill with a two-day rock climbing tour near Hanoi, Vietnam. Not only will you see different beaches, you can also go kayaking, swimming, play Frisbee and feast on a number of included meals. Don’t worry if you’re more Mr Bean than Spiderman, the guides teach all levels. Back in the city, stretch out your muscles in the lap pool at Fortuna Hotel Hanoi, or limber up in a yoga class.

The cameras may have moved on 20 years ago, but you can pretend to be on the blocks against Matt Biondi challenging for world swimming records at the Seoul Olympic Park pool. In fact, the entire 1.5 million square metres of sporting nirvana is available for public use. If you’re up for something a little less energetic, check into the Hotel Riviera, slip on some tartan slacks and air swing your way around their 13-holes of indoor golf.

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