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5 Reasons You Should Stay in a Hotel over Christmas

Christmas in a hotel? Don't mind if I do

Christmas in a hotel? Don't mind if I do

We seem to think that Christmas comes with its own unalterable laws that tells us what we should do, what we should eat, and where we should be during the festive period, but this is not the case. You don’t have to be siphoned into having the same experience as everybody else just because it’s tradition. Staying in a hotel, for instance, affords plenty of obvious and not-so-obvious advantages. Break out of the mould and you may find the Christmas you have this year is the best one yet!

You’ll Save Money

The first plus point for staying in a hotel at Christmas is a big one: it’s cheaper. Being a time when most people stay at home, hotels are able to offer bargain prices in a bid to entice travellers to book a room with them during Christmas. And contrary to what you might expect, it’s typically the more luxurious hotels that offer the biggest discounts in relation to other times of the year. You could end up celebrating the festive period in a plush five star hotel if you take the plunge and kiss goodbye to Christmas in the home for a year.

Space From the Family

No one’s suggesting you abandon your family at Christmas. They’re kind, sweet people, of course they are, but… there’s only so much of their sweetness and kindness you can take. Grab your favourite loved one and book yourself a romantic getaway to have the joyeux noel you both dream of. You’ll be able to have a relaxing, refreshing Christmas time together – and then return to the mania of the family for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Christmas Treats

A lot of money goes into making sure everything is just right for Christmas Day, with decorations, food and presents making it a particularly intensive time of year financially (listen to this: the average Australian family will spend a hefty $1,079 on Christmas). Book a hotel and you won’t have to spend money filling a shopping trolley with all the staples for Christmas at home. Instead, you’ll be able to take the money you’ve saved and treat yourself to something nice (we personally recommend a bottle of prosecco to toast Christmas day with).

Keeping it Simple

If Christmas at home was as relaxing as it’s hyped up to be, we would not have written this article. Alas, it’s not. What tends to happen is the cleaning and cooking and all the other small tasks of the day end up eating into time that should be spent relaxing and enjoying the simple joys of the season. Travel to a hotel for Christmas and these chores, much like Santa up the chimney, quickly vanish. You’ll be able to eat well and have fun, all without having to lift a finger yourself – a Merry Christmas indeed!

Shake Things Up

Not everybody feels overburdened by the demands of Christmas at home and there’s a reason it’s a tradition in the first place: a cosy, familiar backdrop for spending quality time with friends and family. But there’s nothing to stop you from spending the Christmas period in a new way every once in awhile. Travel to a hotel and you’ll be giving you and your family (if they’re invited along) a memorable Christmas that will live long in your memory – as well making the Christmases you spend at home all the more special in the long run.

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