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Here is a quick summary of the type of hotels and accommodation you will find in Bendigo. 3 are apartment style hotels great for a long stay in Bendigo. If you are looking at a longer stay you can book up to 29 nights and you might want to look at the 34 hotels in Bendigo which have kitchens so eating in is an option.

There are 2 five star luxury hotels in Bendigo. There are 7 holiday homes (that number is homes only excluding apartments) offering unique locations and all the facilities of home. 20 ever popular 4 star hotels, which are probably the best value accommodation in Bendigo for business or pleasure. In addition there are 3 star hotels providing everything without blowing the budget.

Keeping active is entirely possible at the 3 hotels in Bendigo with a gym And 24 hotels with a pool. 1 of the Bendigo hotels have both a gym and a pool. 4 have a tennis court. 3 of the Bendigo hotels have private pools.
Pampering, relaxation, massage and spa treatments are available at the 7 hotels with a spa and wellness centres. Or if you want to relax in your own room there are 21 hotels with a spa bath in your own room.

For larger groups of 4 or more there are 15 two (2) bedroom apartments some also with 2 bathrooms and 9 three (3) bedroom apartments in Bendigo.

If you are visiting Bendigo for a business trip you may be interested in the 32 Bendigo hotels with conference facilities. 51 Bendigo hotels have parking. And getting to and from the airport is made easier by the 2 hotels with an airport shuttle.

Bendigo Hotels: Which is right for you?

Below we take a look at the Bendigo hotels and provide a list of accommodation options for a range of travellers, including couples, individuals, groups of friends, and families.
Whether it’s for a fun weekend away with friends, a romantic break, or a family getaway, there’s always something to do in sunny Bendigo. It’s a city that isn’t difficult to fall in love with, a city that boasts a range of excellent outdoor recreation options, plentiful wineries, and a friendly, inviting atmosphere. But before you’re able to enjoy the city’s many highlights, you’ve got some planning to do. The top priority is ensuring you book the accommodation that perfectly suits your needs. While this can often lead to some logistical head-scratching (and headaches), you needn’t fear. Why? Because we’re here to help you narrow down the hotel choices to find a place that’s just right for you and your fellow travel companions.

For Couples

Bendigo’s Victorian architecture and pleasant streets make it ideal for a romantic getaway with your special someone. But the city can’t do it alone – to keep the romance alive, you’ll have to book a hotel that even St. Valentine would be proud of. Though there are more than fifty hotels to choose from in the city, some just won’t cut it if you’re trying to impress your partner.
Hotel Aesthetics
With this in mind, our first focus was on the aesthetics of the hotel – it just has to look good. After that, we looked at the timelessness of the hotel; Bendigo is a city full of stunning Victorian architecture that evokes a real sense of history, which can provide some added magic for a romantic trip away.
In the City, or in the Centre?
With that settled, all that was left to decide was where the hotel should be: in the city centre, or away from it? Both have their merits; the picturesque beauty of the city means that even a simple after-dinner stroll can be a romantic experience, so that would be a big plus for staying in the centre. But then there’s also something to be said for sequestering yourself away from the tourists in a beautiful hotel for the weekend. Wherever you decide is best, you’ll have several great options waiting for you.
Hotel Shamrock
If you want to be in the heart of Bendigo’s action, it’s hard to look beyond the Hotel Shamrock for your romantic getaway. The exquisite Victorian building has stood here since 1854 (the current design was completed in 1897) and is located on Pall Mall, the most iconic street in the Bendigo. Nearby to many of the city’s restaurants, shops, and attractions – Rosalind Park is a thirty second walk away – the hotel is ideally situated for romantic evening strolls and exploring the fascinating history of Bendigo. The location, coupled with a gorgeous, iconic building, will ensure your stay is full of romantic fireworks from the get go. Previous guests applaud the hotel’s traditional and historic air, as well as the stately turn of the century décor. This hotel isn’t exclusively reserved for couples, but it could be – it simply deserves the attention of lovers.
The Need to Know:

  • Historic, Victorian style building
  • Excellent location
  • Most iconic hotel in Bendigo

Langley Hall
If the hotel is more important than the location, you may wish to consider Langley Hall. The B&B isn’t within walking distance of the centre (however, is it only 4KM away and the drive only takes 5 minutes), but its beautiful building, attention to detail, and first-rate service more than makes up for the slight inconvenience of being out of town. Built in 1903, the Victorian style building is surrounded by well-maintained gardens that give the accommodation the feel of a bygone era. Previous guests typically enthuse about the warm and friendly reception they received from the hosts of Langley Hall, as well as the quaint décor and detail of the well-appointed rooms. In all, Langley Hall provides a unique stay and a service that just can’t be beaten. While other hotels may boast a better location or more amenities, romantic getaways demand a little bit more than just those things – and Langley Hall has that ‘little bit more’ in spades.
The Need to Know:

  • Beautiful, turn of the century building
  • Noted for its excellent service and attention to detail
  • Located a short drive from the city centre.

All Seasons Hotel and Resort
The term ‘indulgence makes the heart grow fonder’ never quite caught on, but it’s true – people, after all, just love being spoiled. If you want a catch-all experience without the stuffy sentimentality of cliché romance, you may find that the All Seasons Hotel and Resort is just the place you’re looking for. This elegantly designed hotel comes with all the trimmings to make your stay special. Choose a Spa Room and you’ll enjoy spacious accommodation that comes complete with a large double spa bath – perfect for enjoying a glass of wine in after a day of exploring. With high-quality furnishings and a classy atmosphere, you’ll love spending your time at the on-site resort, which includes concerts and multiple bars and restaurants, a great way for couples to enjoy their time together.
The Need to Know:

  • Elegant, classy design
  • Large room, complete with double spa
  • Evening entertainment

Solo Travellers

Some people like to travel alone, while others travel alone for necessity, such as work trips. Whatever your reason is for flying solo, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for inferior accommodation. In fact, travelling alone usually means you have more control over where you stay – without any opposing voices piping up you can get whatever hotel you feel drawn to.
Things to consider
There are, however, some considerations. If you’re by yourself, it’s usually best to be in the city centre so you can still feel part of the city’s fabric. It’s also beneficial to avoid hotels that were designed with families in mind, as you’ll end up paying more for a room size you didn’t need. A hotel plush with amenities, such as free Wi-Fi and televisions, will go a long way to keeping you entertained at the hotel. With that in mind, here are three great options that will hopefully tick all of the boxes.
The Schaller Studio
You’ll need something to get your mind going if you’re travelling by yourself (there’s only so much of one’s own company one can take). This is where the Schaller Studio comes in. Perfectly situated to Bendigo’s shops, restaurants, and art district, the Schaller is a vibrant and colourful – and gosh, we’ll say it, cool – hotel that will have feeling hip and happening in no time. Your room’s private balcony means you don’t have to spend your evenings staring at the ceiling – instead, you can hang out in peace as you peruse the city from your vantage point. When that gets old, the complimentary Wi-Fi and cable television is there to connect you to the outside world. The laid back atmosphere is ideal for solo travellers; you’ll find there’s always someone to talk to in the welcoming lounge area. The one downside to the hotel is that some consider the rooms a tad small, but, as it’s just you, this is actually another positive point.
The Need to Know:

  • Great location
  • Brilliantly decorated with original modern art
  • Welcoming atmosphere

Best Western Cathedral Motor Inn
Sometimes, a hotel doesn’t have to be game-changing; it just has to be comfortable, welcoming, and well-stocked with modern conveniences. The well-rated Best Western Cathedral Motor Inn is an affordable option within short walking distance of the city centre. Excellent customer service means any problems you encounter will be swiftly dealt with– the friendly staff will see to that. The room includes free wireless internet and television, but with a BBQ area located on-site and an adjacent park, you might find you spend most of your enjoying the inn’s pleasant atmosphere. In all, this is a great option for solo travellers who have no reason to be concerned with luxury, but instead just want a relaxing and friendly stay near the centre of town.
The Need to Know:

  • Within walking distance of city’s highlights
  • Free Wi-Fi, cable television, and other amenities
  • Excellent customer service

Alexandra Place
Located just a few hundred metres from the heart of Bendigo’s commercial district, the Alexandra Place motel offers a personalized stay within walking distance of the city’s highlights. The inviting and homely reception afforded to guests makes it an ideal choice for solo travellers, while the
well-appointed rooms ensure you have everything you need to enjoy your stay. There may be little flashy about the Alexandra Place, but this is handsomely compensated by a service that is second to none along with comfortable beds and plenty of amenities. Consequently, there’s a whole range of independent travellers for whom this will be ideal.
The Need to Know:

  • Good location
  • Friendly staff
  • Comfortable rooms feature many amenities.

Groups of Friends
Travelling with friends is a completely different to travelling with your family or significant other. With friends, there’s much more diplomatic compromising needed, especially if it’s a large group. Fortunately, there’s also much more fun to be had, too.
When it comes to booking accommodation for a group of friends, it’s important to think of shared space. Whether you’re travelling for a crazy weekend or just a weekend of shopping, it’s always nice to have a lounge space where you can all unwind, together. You can be less concerned with amenities such as Wi-Fi and large televisions, as any group of friends worth their weight in gold will not have much use for either; instead, there’ll be entertaining each other. In an ideal world, we know that you would rather all be together in a penthouse suite. Alas, such things aren’t always possible. But don’t despair, because there are still many other great rooms available (at non-penthouse suites rates!).
2Easy Apartments
2Easy Apartments is something of a holy grail for group travel. The modern décor, host of amenities, and large complexes mean you’ll have everything you need to enjoy a few days away with friends. Centrally located, 2Easy Apartments offers something most hotels can’t – large accomodation sizes. From a two-bedroom apartment to five-bedroom house, there’ll always be enough space, whether there are four of you or twelve. Depending on accommodation type, you could have a BBQ, fireplace, and large living room. It cannot be stressed how important a living room is to group travel; it’s like having your own bar. All this amounts to one thing, and that is: here, your money goes a long way. In all, this has everything you would want for a memorable trip away with friends.
The Need to Know:

  • Large accommodation
  • Unique features, such as fireplace and BBQ
  • Good location

National Hotel Complex and Bendigo Central Apartments
The modern décor, many amenities, and variety of accommodation sizes of National Hotel Complex and Bendigo Central Apartments make it an attractive option for large groups wishing to be in the centre of the city without the need for multiple hotel rooms. The range of accommodation sizes mean you can comfortable fit any from four to eleven - and everything in between - people comfortably. Not all of the rooms are located on-site. Some, like Queens Cottage (which sleeps eleven) are located nearby. The cottages include living areas and outdoor patios, and are especially good for large groups who would rather be more self-contained than a conventional hotel room would typically allow.
Need to Know:

  • Multiple accommodation sizes
  • Near to the city centre
  • Outdoor living spaces for some rooms

Allingham Complex
Previous guests applaud the spaciousness of the Allingham Complex, which is located close enough to Bendigo's centre to feel a part of the action, but far away enough to ensure a good night's sleep. These two-bedroom apartments come with everything you need to enjoy a great atmosphere, including a fully-equipped kitchen, lounge area, and patio. When you're with friends, these are the things that matter.
Need to Know:

  • Spacious accommodation
  • Suitable for 4-6 guests
  • Well equipped.


You might have your own travel preferences down to a T, but it’s a different ball game when you’re travelling with your family. Then, kids are involved, kids who have their own needs, need to be fed, need to entertained, need their own space. More importantly, you need your space from them. We jest…but it’s kind of true.
With family travel, it’s always important to be near to where the action is. It’s hard enough convincing children to go sightseeing, let alone convincing them that they’ll have to travel for an hour to do so. As such, it’s best to be in or close by to the city centre. However, exceptions can be made for hotels out of town if they have the facilities, specifically fun activities, to keep your children entertained.
All Seasons Hotel and Resort
We mentioned the All Seasons Hotel and Resort as a romantic destination, and it is, but this resort is large enough to cater for multiple needs. This is an excellent hotel for families as it has a little something for everyone. Kids can explore the hotel, as well as join the “Kids Club” which hosts events and special contests specifically for children, while you can enjoy the rest of the hotel’s highlights, including its concert and entertainment series, rest assured that your family is safely having fun elsewhere in the hotel. It's also just a short trip away from the city centre, so you'll always have things to do.
Need to Know:

  • Something for everyone
  • Designated "Kids Club" for children
  • Near the city centre.

Brougham Arms Hotel
As a family run hotel, the Brougham Arms is well served to provide for families. Specifically, the spacious accommodation - especially in the two-bedroom apartment - means you and your family get all the space you need, all the while just a few minutes from the city's great highlights. The Discovery Science & Technology Centre, a favourite with children in Bendigo, is just a 10 minute walk from the hotel. The cozy, inviting accommodation is just part of the appeal of this establishment, which also boasts a restaurant, bar, and a tapas courtyard. You get to enjoy the atmosphere of this modern hotel, while your kids can enjoy the accommodation and on-site facilities, which include a billiards table.
Need to Know:

  • Spacious accommodation available
  • Close to children-friendly attractions
  • Has bar, restaurant, and billiards table.

Bendigo Welcome Stranger Motel
The Bendigo Welcome Stranger Motel may be a few kilometres out of town (it's a 5 minute drive to town), but don't let that put you off - this is affordable accommodation that offers a little something for everyone. The designated family rooms sleep four guests and come with televisions and free Wi-Fi, so there'll be no bored teenagers (or adults!) on your trip. The highlight of this motel is the heated swimming pool, which offers a relaxing reward for kids of all ages after a long day of exploring the city.
Need to Know:

  • Designated family rooms
  • Rooms feature televisions and Wi-Fi
  • Heated swimming pool on-site.

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