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When you make your hotel reservation at, our Price Guardian™ service double-checks the the price of your booking each day until the end of the free cancellation period.

If a cheaper price comes up you can simply re-book the cheaper rate or upgrade your room and cancel the original booking.

Hotel prices fluctuate, finding a good price today doesn't mean there won't be a better price tomorrow!   There could always be a sale starting tomorrow but how would you know?  You could look up the price every single day, but who wants to spend the time looking every day for a cheaper price?

Price Guardian is a price robot on your side, checking prices every day for you – now that’s a smart way to book.

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See the best deals for this weekend across quality 4 and 5 star hotels in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane. We have done the research for you looking at prices over the the next 52 weekends. We then compare this weekends price to the typical price. The hotels that make the list for this weekend are offering very good deals.

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Our service doesn't stop once you have booked. Hotel prices fluctuate, so after you book we keep checking prices every day. If Price Guardian sees what you've booked at a better price we will let you know how to re-book, get the better price and save money! We save customers money every day on their hotel bookings.