Feature Article

Melbourne Fringe Festival

Hot Melbourne Events… in Spring

What do footy, fashion, fiestas & fringe dwellers have in common? They can all be found in Melbourne of course. September is a strange month. Too soon to hit the beach, but too late to be having cosy weekends under a blanket on the couch. Christmas is still too far away, so what do you have […]

morning peak by little albert on Flickr

Brisbane Train Through Japanese Eyes

A train ride in Brisbane will give you a giggle. When I was staying in southeast Brisbane, I enjoyed the hour long trip into the CBD by train. The go card is a cinch to use for travel on the bus, train, ferry and tram. The fare is considerably cheaper than paying with cash too. Also […]

Circular Quay Sydney

Circular Quay Through Japanese Eyes

What is the first sound that captures your ears when you get off the train or ferry at Circular Quay? In my case — I got off the train with my suitcase and as I walked towards the ferries, I heard the reverberating sound of the didgeridoo. And there he was, a guy with Aboriginal face […]

Beach & Island Accommodation

Mara River Safari Lodge

Mara River Safari Lodge – African adventure, Balinese luxury

The Mara River Safari Lodge offers you the chance to go wild in Bali, and I’m not talking about a big night out in Kuta. This themed family resort, located inside the Bali Safari & Marine Park, offers an unforgettable African experience within minutes of the island’s famous beaches.


Run to Paradise (The Cook Islands version)

When the Choirboys belted out Run to Paradise, they were anguishing over the topic of drugs and death. Not that we noticed, as we cheerily screamed along to the chorus of this pub classic. But when Jenny and Johnny ‘run to paradise’, it means they’ve died and gone to heaven. So it got me thinking, if heaven […]


Fiji vs Vanuatu

We frequently get asked the question: Which is a better holiday spot, Fiji or Vanuatu? When comparing the glorious natural eye candy, it’s really coconuts for coconuts, but delve a bit deeper and you realise that not all tropical paradises are created equal. Luckily they come with their own unique set of dreamy pros. So […]